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Still in early alpha design, Squarely in the Middle tells the tale of young Crop, who accidently transports himself to the kingdom of Corner. The only round in a world of squares, Crop is quickly taken before the king, who put Crop in the hands of the resident wizard, Linius. Now he must undergo a series of tests for the wizard to prove he is worhy of learning the spell that brought him to Corner in the first place.

Irin Allay has spent her life in service to the queen of Alindrak. From her early days as a merchant guard, to her retirement as captain of the queen’s guard, Irin is going home for the first time in many years. Looking forward to seeing her son again, and visiting her husband’s grave for the first time, she spends the journey reflecting on a long career.

And yet, from her first moments in the old valley, she knows something is not right. There are no people, too many gravestones, and signs of struggle all around. As she travels toward her old village at the heart of valley, she must try to puzzle out what has happened to her peaceful home.

An educational game for students to practice educational state standards. More details coming soon...