About Us

Robert Leonard

Robert Leonard - Game Designer

With more than twenty years of experience in programming, Robert leads the team and manages the projects that are in production. He works as head programmer and writer. Writing his first website at the age of 13, back in the days of very simplistic HTML designs, Robert has tried over the years to keep up with the changing times. He loves learning and shares that knowledge whenever possible.

Samantha Leonard

Samantha Leonard - Lead Designer

A natural artist and designer, Samantha heads the design aspects of the company. With her early experience as head builder for Draknor MUD, she has always had an eye for colors and design patterns that work together. She has a passion for games, and has more game-playing experience than anyone else on the team.

David Carroll - Senior Developer

With years of experience working as a Systems Engineer, David brings a great amount of experience to the team in all areas of development. He takes point in everything from our C# MUD client to server maintainance to basic HTML tasks. Everyone considers him our resident expert in all things development.

Jeff Hoops - QA Lead

With experience dating back to 2003 testing our text-based MUD, Jeff has an eye for problems and a knack for rooting out bugs that others tend to miss.

Who We Are

Based in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, deep in the heart of Texas, Draknor Games is currently a non-profit company building games with a focus on learning. From rich story plotlines, to motor skills, to Texas-based educational standards, our games always target skills that can help people of all ages learn to think more clearly.

We have a small team of passionate artists and programmers.